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Random Rewards 50g Tin

Random Rewards 50g Tin


Salmon with Trout, Seaweed with Orange, Chicken and Rice, Duck with Peas.

A unique mixture of four contrasting training treats for dogs formulated by our expert trainers to benefit behaviour.


Four distinct, nutritious and delicious varieties of dog treats to use when rewarding your dog.


We at The Dog House believe treats can be a key resource with which to reward your dog for a job well done. If used in the correct way, treats can positively reinforce desirable behaviours and actions. However, loose timing, overfeeding and predictability can lead to a dog losing interest in this valuable reward. Keep them guessing, keep them keen!


No added artificial colourants
No added artificial preservatives
Formulated without wheat and gluten


Not suitable for small breeds under 5 months old, due to size of each treat. Keep dry and cool.

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