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Puppy Grooming

It is crucial for puppies to make their first visit to a grooming salon when they are about 14 weeks old when they are fully vaccinated.

A grooming salon can be scary place for little ones with noisy hair driers, buzzing clippers, a giant bath and other big dogs. Their first visit will be a short and sweet, and involve lots of cuddles to reassure the pup that they are in safe hands. It is advisable for them to be washed, dried and tidied for your puppy to get used to the sights and sounds of a grooming salon without overwhelming them. Baby steps…………..

The subsequent visits could involve a trim and later on a full groom. Tips and advice is available for things that you can do at home between visits to help get them used to the salon for example, ticking their feet so they can get used to the trim on their pads.

We also sell treats, toys and puppy food to help you on your way.

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