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Butternut Box Pork Smile Sticks

Butternut Box Pork Smile Sticks


Our Smile Sticks come in two recipes, pork or chicken. They’re 40% meat, sweet potatoes, leafy spinach and that magic ingredient - seaweed. All gently air-dried over time to lock in the goodness and create a satisfyingly chewy stick that’s as much a naturally tasty treat as it is a nifty teeth-cleaning tool.


Unlike a lot of dental sticks out there, ours is a gentle, natural way to keep your dog’s mouth as fresh as our meals. There’s no need for hours of endless chewing or harsh scraping - the seaweed in our carefully crafted recipe does all the heavy lifting.


  • Antibacterial seaweed

  • Air-dried for a chewy texture

  • 40% human-quality meat

  • Supports normal healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath

  • Grain-free and no added sugar       

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