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Butternut Box Beef Bish Bash Broth

Butternut Box Beef Bish Bash Broth


Two brand new versatile and useful broths with boundless uses depending on your dog’s individual needs. Packed with nutrients, protein and collagen, our broths are an easy, tasty way to add variety to your dog’s diet


The serving instructions are: there are no instructions. Really, serve it however you like. There's boundless ways to enjoy this juicy broth, but here's some inspiration to tickle the tastebuds:


* Mix into meals to add a boost of nutrients 

*  Chill into jelly for a delicious dessert

* Serve as an easy meal for recovering poorly pups 

* Dash over dishes to entice fussy eaters → Splash over feeding mats for a stimulating challenge 

* Pour as a drink for speedy hydration 

* Moisten meals for a tasty new texture

* Freeze into lollies to cool down hot dogs. Pop into a toy for a longer-lasting treat, slurp straight from the box (we won't judge).

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